of making another comeback..

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It’s been a whole since I wrote anything. I just got lazy, no excuses. My goal for 2013 was to write more. And not just write but to fill this corner of mine with images because I thought I could get back into photography. But also the photography has to wait due to financial reasons.

Tomorrow will be the third paycheck I receive from this new job. I am so grateful for the second chance. I wasn’t supposed to get this job. But Praise be to Allah that the person they had initially chosen did not get her employment pass go through. When I found out, I was a lil upset because one, someone else was chosen over me. The reason was supposedly because they thought I might get bored and want a more dynamic job scope. What they didn’t know was I would have taken any job so long the pay was what I was asking for. It’s not that I am demanding in my ask for an amount but I feel that that is what I’m worth at the very least.

Second reason I was a lil upset was because a foreigner was chosen over me. That suxs. I think this is the second time in my career that this happened. The first time was with RMI. If I remember right, it was also the employment pass/work permit issues. This is a reason why I want to get out of Singapore. Finding a job as a non-Chinese was already difficult and now I have to compete with not just my fellow Singaporeans but also foreigners who are wanting to gain a slice of the Singapore employment pie.

But God works in mysterious ways and He will give you what you need at the time. And for that, I am grateful for this current job where I am seriously quite happy to be at. What can I complain at? Relaxed working hours topped with good colleagues and an awesome boss; and let’s not forget the great views I get from all four sides of the office floor and the welfare provided. Oh and the salary that I asked for. I am indeed grateful.

Since the job, I have started furnishing my home in Punggol slowly but surely. The master bedroom saw two addition clothes rack installed which mean we saved on buying actual wardrobes. I also bought a new tower fan and shelving for the bathroom so things have their own place to sit at. Ikea had a sale on one of their floor lamps, those famous paper made lamp shades, for 10 bucks. It looked pretty in the corner of the room but alas it only stayed pretty for a night for the next morning, Toby decided to explore and ripped the paper lamp shade. What was just a small tear has now become a full blown disaster. The lamp still works, just no lamp shade.

Then reminds me..another new addition to the house – Toby the Kitten. Well he doesn’t look like a kitten now. How long does a cat stay a kitten? I was told a year but he is so big now that he looks like a full grown up cat. He weighs like one too. I feel his weight all the time when he jumps up onto my chest when I am lying down in bed or on the sofa. Toby is adorable but can be psycho at times. He loves to bite and whilst I’m sure he reckons it’s just play, it bloody hurts me and the boy! We have had to resort to punishing him by either hitting him or spraying him with water. And when we are trying to do something super important and he is being a busybody (or kaypoh as us locals call that), we have to lock him in the washroom. The last time we did that, Toby learnt how to slide the door open to get out. He knows what he does is wrong because he runs away as soon as he bites. He also knows when he gets punished coz he will show us he’s sad or pouting in a corner by totally ignoring us despite his name called many times. But with me, his tantrums don’t last long. Within 5-10 minutes, he will come to me and asks to have his head rubbed. He absolutely loves this and this is something he and I share when it is bedtime. Toby will sit on my chest whilst I run his head till we both fall asleep. He is like a human baby almost but at least I don’t have to worry bout leaving him home alone and whilst his food ain’t cheap, it sure is cheaper than formula milk, clothes etc for a baby.

My train stop is approaching and I’m surprised at how much I have written. Perhaps this can be my daily entries as I ride the MRT, a system that was once a reliable mode of public transport for the masses is now plague with breakdowns. I have heard many reasons for the cause of breakdowns but that’s another story for another day.



of a 7.00am poem..

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IMG_1317the world sleeps but i am awake

i try to smile but it is a smiie that is fake

now is this how it is going to be?

my heart has wandered far away from me

but the right thing is what i have to do

but the right thing makes me unhappy too

so i sit in the dark hallway, tears streaming down my face

my soul is yearning, a different life i chase

how much longer will i last?  this i do not know

i just have to live through the pain and pray that time will show

of delayed plans…

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So we are already done with 3 days of the new year and you know what?  Life in 2013 feels exactly the same as it is last year.  But this year, I have plans.  And for those plans to come into fruition, I have to get a job.  Which is going rather slow at the moment.  😦

But fret not, I shall try to be positive and look at the goals I have set for myself this year.  However, I have been lazy.  I have done nothing about getting fit again.  Instead, I am up all night and sleep most of the days.  I should be going for walks and eat better.  Should, is the keyword there.  What I have been doing rather is eat fast food and laze on the couch.  It doesn’t help that with the iPhone now (used to have a simple Nokia e63), I can play games and be on FB whilst watching cable TV.  😦  I’ll start the fitness bit, next week.  God willing.

For now, I will do what I’m best at…  :p

of 2013 plans

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So the new year is here. Hello 2013.

I spent countdown with the boy and his cousin at an old hangout, Timbre. The siblings-in-law joined us after their lil celebrations and fireworks viewing and Goodfellers entertained us with their music and humor till the wee hours of the morning.

At 5mins past midnight, Abu Dhabi time, I called a dear friend to wish him for the new year. I’m sure my plans for the countdown would have been massively different if I was still there. But alas I’m not so let make the most out of it, shall we?

Like many people out there, I have made plans, some call it resolutions, for this 2013.

1. Get a decent job.

2. Get fit. I wanna lose 5-7kgs and then tone up. I wanna be fit so I can look good and also for paintball. So this means joining a gym and going for the gym classes. I wanna do my bodybalance classes again.

3. Learn Arabic. I have already signed up for an introduction course. 😊 I need to go pay for it one of these days.

4. Travel!! I wanna visit one Asian country this year. And also go back to Abu Dhabi, hopefully twice. 😉 If I do short weekend trips, I could possibly do two Asian countries and two trips to AUH.

5. Get a new dslr and get back into photography again. I am not sure if my d60 is still working. I know the lens is gone. So I reckon I will just get a new set up and try the new lens with the d60 and see if it works. If it doesn’t then I still have a new dslr. Get it?? :p

5 massive plans. But do-able if I put my mind to the tasks. But I think all of them rests on plan number 1. God willing.

For now, Happy New Year, dear reader (whoever you may be). Have a wicked 2013!


of a 2012 review…

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

of arab roots..

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Living in the Middle East, I have learnt to appreciate my Arab roots even more. I feel proud to tell people that I am half Arab. But so embarrassed to say I know nothing about my roots. I can’t even speak the language.

I had so many plans to find out more about Yemen, pay a lil visit to the city where my ancestors came from and learn Arabic. But my plans have to be shelved till the next opportunity and I am grieving almost. Is it wrong to have such a deep sense of connection and longing to find out where one originates??

May God give me the opportunity to make my plans come into fruition. Insya’Allah.

of boredom and sleepies…

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i decided to do it again.  second time in the entire ramadhan.  was not a good idea, at all.  so what did i do exactly?  i decided to sleep early, i think it wasn’t even 11pm yet and wake up at bout 3am for sahur and continue my sleep after.  well, now i am payin’ the price.  i can’t stop yawnin’ at work and my eyes keep wantin’ to close.  it ain’t a good thing especially when my table is right smack in the middle of the walkway that people use on the 1st floor (2nd storey).  the GM’s office is here on this floor too so i can’t risk takin’a  2min nap just in case he walks past.  but i so badly need some shut eye. 

to add on, i have nothin’ to do.  absolutely NOTHING.  my boss is not in the office yet, and my outstanding work are pending replies from people.  so i am just sittin’ here, waitin’.  once the boss is in, i’m gonna tell him to give me work, otherwise it’s just plain torture bein’ here.  i keep lookin’ at the time hopin’ that more than just 2mins have passed since i last looked at it.  i have no access to facebook or some popular blogs so i’m readin’ forums and news and refreshin’ them every 30secs hopin’ there’ll be somethin’ new to read.  this is not just miserable but pathetic to the highest degree!

God, help me please.

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